Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum is an international institute for experiential learning dedicated to Alberta’s palaeontological heritage, through research, collection, preservation, exhibition, public programming, publications and innovative outreach.

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T-Shirt Design Competition

Want to be a part of designing our new t-shirts?  We are inviting all ages to participate in our contest to design the Museums new t-shirts!  Click here to read more.


PACHYRHINOSAURUS is a medium size horned dinosaur that likely migrated in large herds. It had a large neck frill, a parrot-like beak and horns on its head. Its thick nose bone may have been used as a battering ram against enemies.


Hey kids!  Check out the Kid Zone for Dino’s of the Peace, and Ask A Palaeo!

Plus some fun Downloads like Colouring Sheets, Crosswords, Mazes, Word Scrambles and more!

Mighty Peace Harley-Davidson Aykroyd Family Ride

David Brown (left) and, Dan Aykroyd (right) lead the Mighty Peace Harley-Davidson Aykroyd Family Ride to the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum on Saturday, August 9th. The ride had over 650 participants.

Photo by Candice Popik, Popik Photography




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